This is one of our puppies that is now a certified guide dog!

   ​Windbrooke Labs​​

We love Labs!

We have owned Labs since we were children.  They are truly wonderful, loving companions that love to play and aim to please.  We have raised black, chocolate, and yellow Labs over the years but fell head over heels in love with yellow Labs.

Still, Labs of all colors are amazing animals that are capable of doing so much.  Labs are one of the breeds used most often for guide dogs for the blind.  We raised two Lab puppies, Hattie and Dove, for a wonderful organization called Pilot Dogs.  This organization is close to our hearts as we have blind family members.  Puppy raisers agree to raise, socialize, and provide basic obedience to a puppy for one year.  The puppies are then sent through the guide dog training program.  If they pass, they become certified guide dogs and are placed with a blind individual.  We are so proud that both Hattie and Dove passed their guide dog training and are working to help their blind companions every day.  What amazing animals!   

Because of our desire to help Pilot Dogs, we have donated one or more puppies from each litter to this worthy organization.